It is like looking into your soul.

I was just talking with a former professor,
from a fashion & design university in Reutlingen!
We talked a bit about the university and the skills I need to study fashiondesign.
He told me the field fashiondesign is very big and
there are always a lot of competitors!
I was just about informing about this university and I've found
this former student and her collection.
Her name is Ella Haberlach, she absolved her studies in fashiondesign
with the Bachelor and the Master in 2007!
Now she prensents every year her collection at the Berlin Fashionweek!
"Seelenkleid, translates as ‘soul dress’, is a new women’s wear label
founded in 2007 by the German designer Ella Haberlach.
The artistic and paradoxical work of Ella Haberlach combines
the floaty perfection of ideal beauty with the embellishments
of a horrific sludge.
Her collections predominantly deal with the human desire to depart
from everyday conventions."
The dresses by Ella are gorgeouse! The shapes, the materials, the details!
Just amazing! It's like from a fairytale or something like that.
Like a dream, isn't it?
I'm thinking about to study in Reutling at this University,
but internationale privateschools like ESMOD or the AMD in Munich/Berlin
are very attractive to me too.
The University in Reutlingen is a state-run school,
so I don't have to pay a lot of money in contrast to the privat schools.
In fact it isn't a problem of the money but...
But we'll see! I am sure I'm going to study on one of these schools someday!
More informations about Ella Haberlach and her label "Seelenkleid",
you can find at her website!
Love, Alice.

I wish I could be there, too.

Today the Fashionweek 2009 in Berlin starts!
I wish I could be there! I think it would be very exciting,
watching the new collections of the designer!
The fashioweek is going to take place at the Bebelplatz in Berlin Mitte.
Of course just people from magazines, journalists etc. can join this event...
But someday ... ;)
Julia Stegner is this years model for the fashionweek!
And by the way the new Mercedes CSL is gorgeous...
(i love Mercedes, I also drive one)
I think she's really beautiful! Love her face!
One thing I am really excited is the price "Designer for Tomorrow" by P&C.
Saw come collections of the participants and they are all gorgeouse!
If i would live in Berlin, I would go there to stalk a bit... :P
Love, Alice.

She's wearing gorgeouse F21 heels.

Let me introduce you this girl.
Her "name" (as far as I know) is L Bones, 18 years old and lives in California!
She's gorgeouse! I really adore her looks at Lookbook!
Her pictures are always amazing! Adorable room isn't it?
And it's an honor for me, because she's a fan of mine at lookbook!
Omg... she has put me to shame (?)
If you want to see of her just look at her Lookbook!
By the way gorgeouse F21 heels...
Today I'm going to try to shred my shirt... we'll see!
Love, Alice.

Cut-out Shirts, shrudded cloths and ripped tights.

Looks like the new hype in the fashion world!
Gorgeouse isn't it?
It's really easy to rip your tights, tee or anything you want to!
So in love with the girls tee!
Really love the combination of that vintage dirty style and elegant pieces!
So let's do it honeys!
Rip your tights, shrud your tee's and cut your cloths!
All looks from!
If there are any problems with the copyright etc. just send me an mail :)
Love, Alice.

This is what I call sexy back.

Gorgeouse look isn't it?
Found this look at and I really love it!
Saw something like this a couple times and it's amazing!
Found this shirt at!
It's really easy to make I think! All you need is a pair of scissors!
Maybe I'm going to try it the next time!
What do you think about this airy looks ;)?
Love, Alice.

I'm a camwhore & I love paparazzis.

I'm just adding some other pictures! Enjoy it!
By the way Happy New Chinese Year!!!
Whish you all a lot of luck and health!
Love, Alice.

You got to say "Cheese".

Here some other pictures taken by friends. Enjoy them! And good night, Honeys!
Love, Alice.

Now fix your dress and just dance.

So I have been updated my Tutorial!
Take a look at it if you are interessted!
It's just another step for fixing the shape!
Here the link to my first diy project ;)
Love, Alice.

I hope this Party will never end; Part 2.

Now here's part 2!
I took a lot of pictures but now here just the best ones!
A friend of mine will send me some pictures from her cam in the next days!
A friend of mine had wear a very pretty dress!
It's a short dress with a white sleeveless "blouse"
Take a look! it's really cute!
In the end we didn't do a lot, just some pictures, just dancing and having fun!
And unlucky me I emptied (?) some wodkabull over myself, twice! :P
Not really a lot of pictures hm? So have a lovely sunny sunday honeys!
Love, Alice.

I hoped this Party will never end.

I'm finally back from Munich and I'm very tired!
The train journey was boring... so i have to took some pictures!
My outfit was really simple and clean. I just love it comfortable.
- Black Longshirt (VERO MODA)
- Skinny Moonwashed Jeans (H&M)
- Grey Ankle Booties (H&M)
- Black Zipbag (ZARA)
This is me and honey at the suburban station...
The weather was terrible! It was very rainy and windy!
And I was cold! By the way the jacket is from my sister!
Wonderful isn't? Need a coat too...
I love him, when he's wearing his baggy clothes... gosh!
By the way got to edit my tutorial!
For fixing the new shape of your dress you need two safety pins!
Towards 1:00 AM we arrived the Crowns Club and met some friends.
The club wasn't like in my mind...
And in fact it wasn't an asia party because I saw a lot of "white" ppl!
That was so fun! The minority were asians! :D
But I had a lot of drinks instead and fun of course!
I'm really tired now! (Here in Germany about, 12PM)
So I'm going to continue in my second post!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and see/read you tomorrow!
Good night!
Love, Alice.