I think if I could, I would.

Wonderful new collection from NEW YORKER! I really love the leoprinted pants!
I already got one from H&M KIDS but it's too small :(
And the blouse is so cute! it looks so boho! Want it! 17€ is really cheap for that!
I want those acid washed jeans from NEW YORKER! Damn they are gorgeous!
But I think the pants won't fit me at all :(
The lenght is too long and the waistline to small...
Why do I have to be so petit? :(
Love, Alice.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?

Bought this mirror at KIK for 1€! I also get some discount!
I told you before, that I bought some things! I bought 3 tops at KIK!
Oh yes at KIK! I'm working there and I always get at first the new clothes!
They are sometimes selling some real good stuff!
For example some old LEE, MISS SIXTY & C&A clothes! For sure!
So I bought those tops for each 3€ + discount of course!
I think I'm going to change one top, which I didn't show you.
There are also other colours available! I think I'm going to get them in white and black,too.
They really look short but it isn't like that! I love the details especially the laces!
Now my 1/2 DIY high waist skirt! I am very proud of it & it really fits me good!
The skirt isn't that short, it got the perfect lenght!
Bought a normal skirt at KIK for 3€ and changed it at the waist and the lenght!
Hope you like it :)
I really love the ruffles on the side and the detail at the front of my skirt!
Love, Alice.

What should I do without Ebay?

Vintage leather clutch got it for 1€ at Ebay!
Also got the salmon coloured skirt from Vero Moda for 1,51€!
Already got some styling ideas...
Also bought some new cloths! Got to show you my new honeys!
I'm currently on a DIY project! I can tell you one thing, it's a high waist skirt!
Love, Alice.

Sometimes they really make you totally sexy.

Tally Weijl, I know! The reation of some ppl may be like this:
"They are just selling bitchy and cheap stuff"
Maybe, but there are gorgeous pieces, too! I really love Tally!
They often got stuff, like accessoiries and jeans I love! (Yeah size XXS!)
Take a look at the new collection! I really love the pants, shirts and especially
the shoes! I think the online store doesn't show everything...
For a better view, just klick to enlarge!
I picked some pieces I really adore! For example the blouse or the shirt!
Love it! Hope my Tally store here sell those things!
I also love this hotpant! I love the cut and the colour!
The "scarf" which is used as belt! The print is wonderful!
Now to the shoes! GORGEOUS! The first one looks like the ones from Deichmann!
You all know I am a fan of studded things and those sandals are just Love!
The denim sandals are amazing! I love to get them all...
What do you guys think about Tally Weijl? Maybe you try it out ;)
One of my rules for shopping is:
"Look into EVERY store! Doens't matter what! There will be always
a treasure hidden in the last row of the store!"
Love, Alice.

I think it's one more reason to go there.

Next Partystop! Than I can meet my honey again...
Love, Alice.

I'll see you soon, Dear.

H&M Onlineshopping...I'll get you soon...
EDIT: Here some informations about my buys today!
- Black juwelled hairband (2,90€)
- Silver kids leggins in size 170 (5,90€)
- Denim slippers in size 35 (2,90€)
- Grey set (2,90€)
- Black high waist skirt (9,90€)
- Striped high waist skirts (9,90€)
- Blue kids longshirt in size 158/164 (5,90€)
I'm kinda obsessed with high waist skirts and the colour blue!
Bought those things at the Austrian H&M onlinestore!
Thank god I'm living in this small village near the Austrian border!
Here is a discount code for the onlinestore! Go and get 10€ discount on everything!
Code: 7848
Love, Alice.

There is a song stucking in my head, by reading this.

Just checked my guestbook entries at a fashionmag site
& than saw an entry from a girl called Clara:
"hey, i'm a loyal reader of your blog and i'd saw you by chance [...] in seven.
it was really funny to met you there, especially I went there for holidays [...].
What I just wanted to mention is that your blog is stunning and ppl already
regnorized you on the street!"
Oh my gosh... comments like that really makes me happy, somehow!
Do it sound conceited? I hope not! Of course everybody loves to get compliments,
but somehow... i feel famous xD
Sorry! It's so unbelivable!
There's a song stucking in my head..."When I grow up...."
Love, Alice.

I think those shoes would make this feeling fading away.

Deichmann galdiators vs. Steve Madden gladiators.
They look really similar, aren't they?
Take a look at the details!
Got the picture via www.thesuckingsucks.blogspot.com!
Wonderful blog, wonderful pictures - check it out!
I'm currently watching Desperate Housewives on Tv and I really feel desperate too.
I feel so listless & week... camwhoring is the best thing against it.
Love, Alice.

Las night I fucked Mr. Rabbit & now it's Mr. Zebra's turn.

Yesterday in Seven the club was full of teenies (about 14years old~)
That was so funny, watching those kids fooling around!
I really love my outfit that night, because I wore my fav skinny with zebra print!
I wore my degradé top, but not usual as you can see!
Guess how ;)
I really love my hair on the pictures!
I didn't took a lot of pictures because my cam hadn't enough power anymore.
I forgot to recharge it! :(
What I wore this evening:
- Degradé voulant top (PIMKIE)
- Zebra printed skinny (TALLY WEIJL)
- Grey ankle booties (H&M)
- Grey studded belt use as braceelt (TALLY WEIJL)
As always you can find my looks at Lookbook.nu!
I'm kinda tired now....
Love, Alice.

This guy is wanted but not because he's hot.

Today was very exhausting! Got not much sleep and I'm tired from
the party yesterday! And I had to work...
As you might know I went to Austria to the "Fire Feier"!
It was amazing! So many people with great costumes!
It was really fun and I'd met a lot of people!
But one bad thing happend this evening!
Somebody has "stolen" my bunny ears :'(
I'm very upset about this! Grrr~
See the tonnes of snow? Hideous! It was so cold!
I didn't wore my degrade top but my new dress, which I had changed a bit.
How do you like it?
The feather boa was annoying! It was so itchy! And the colour run of my skin!
I was so black on the neck and the arms! Stupid thing!
But here some pictures from the night :)
My friend went as consturction woker! So cute! Love her :)
First I was really afraid of my outfit. Thought it would be too overdress.
But then I saw the other costumes! So cute!
Saw Snow White, Batman(women), AC/DC, Cats, Bunnys ...!
The sunglases are from the guy who has "stolen" my ears...
So to speak we changed our accessories and than he was gone...
with my bunny ears!!!!! :'(
I'm still crying after my ears...
Here is the guy who has stolen my ears! WANTED!
On our way home it's still snowing! But the snow was really beautiful!
Take a look at our way home!
After arriving home we talked a bit and I also took some pictures again!
For my lovely readers who loves my pictures, here you are :)
By the way my tights are officially distroyed!
It also was a hard way to get into the tights!
See any differences between the tights now and after?
A lot of biiiiiig wholes! But it wasn't that cold, to be true!
Now here the picture of the best costumes ever!
This is what I call creativity!!!!
Do you know those guys from anywhere???
I think so :D
So have a nice evening! Now I'm on my way to the next party!
Damn I'm kinda party addicted! Bought some glowing sticks!
Hope there will be a lot of pictures :D
Love, Alice.